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Transaction advisory services and valuations

An increasing number of companies grow through acquisitions – not only on the domestic market, but abroad as well. As part of “purchasing mandates,” Grant Thornton is capable of identifying and recommending companies suitable for takeover, preparing appraisals, recommending suitable acquisition strategies, and holding takeover negotiations at all stages until the completion of the transaction. We also represent clients during the sale of all or part of their company as part of “sales mandates,” when a company’s owners charge Grant Thornton with the task of finding an investor. The entire process associated with the sale of a company is performed in several stages – preparation of documents, initial appraisal, searching for and addressing investors, negotiations with selected interested parties, and conclusion of the transaction.

Grant Thornton’s comprehensive services in the area of mergers and acquisitions also include consultancy services during mergers. Very frequently, this type of transaction does not affect an entire company, but is performed within a selected part of the company, a specialized division or a subsidiary company. Grant Thornton is capable of providing management and finding financing for interesting investment projects: in many cases, we can recommend suitable investors with the requisite experience and capabilities in the respective field. We are also capable of assisting management interested in growing their company during management takeover transactions such as MBO (management buyout), in which a company’s management remains and purchases a share from the existing shareholders, and MBI (management buy-in), in which a management team from outside a company enters a company over which it has gained control together with a financial investor. We can help structure such transactions, secure financing, and organise negotiations regarding takeover conditions. 

Forensic services

Economic fraud – no matter if committed by employees, management or third parties – is more complex and sophisticated today than in the past, and addressing this issue requires an individual approach using the latest technologies.

Grant Thornton’s professionals have extensive experience in identifying and assessing the risk of fraud, identifying and implementing suitable control mechanisms and minimising the risk of fraud, implementing anti-corruption measures and training employees in the area of fraud prevention.

If you have suspicions that something is amiss at your company, Grant Thornton will help you deal with problematic areas while providing a real, effective and timely solution to the situation at hand.

Our portfolio in the area of forensic services includes:

  • fraud prevention services
  • fraud detection and investigation
  • forensic due diligence
  • compliance – analysis of conformity with legally and regulatory requirements